Examples Mini Site

We developed for Michael and David Castello.  This was one of the first sites where we started experimenting with Flash headers.  The goal of the mini site was to start getting traction in the search engines, to test various affiliate programs, and to promote other sites in the CCIN Advertising Network.  We did several other projects for the Castello’s premium domains, which I will post about in the weeks to come.

This project was a “Big Mini” with five additional pages of content.  The site was a big success from early on, ranking #2 in Google, and #4 in Bing for the term “sample” without quotes.  The client also specifically requested to rank for “product test marketing”, and although not having any of those keywords in the domain (especially on a new site) makes it tricky, we love a good challenge.  As of now the site ranks #9 in Google and #5 in Bing for “product test marketing” without quotes.  The site also ranks pretty well for other target keywords such as “request free samples”, “clothing samples”, “drink samples”, “cosmetic samples”, etc.

The site is monetized through affiliate banners, and also promotes other CCIN development projects.  If you have ever spoken with the Castello brothers or read an interview, you know they strongly dislike PPC advertising.  It was nice seeing someone stray from the norm, and put the extra effort into affiliate marketing.  This is really the best way to go, but you should constantly be testing new programs to see which will convert best based on your audience.